Our Story ...

Kidscapades is a unique studio hosting innovative children’s activities, themed birthday parties and summer camps.

We offer exciting children’s activities, including sensory-play, music, movement, crafts and our new virtual playground, BEAM. Special parent-child programs, including paint nights and other themed-events are also offered. 

Our themed birthday parties are tailored to your child’s wishes. We’ll make it the one they’ll always remember. We take care of everything from the decorating to the clean up. All you have to do is smile for the picture!

Once the kids are out of school for the summer, sign them up for one of Kidscapades’ camps. We’ll keep them active, engaged and fed.

We are extremely proud to be open for two years. Kidscapades continues to grow, courtesy of every exuberant and energetic child that walks through our doors. We’ve added numerous activities to our lineup and have expanded beyond just a party-service. However, as we continue to grow, we keep one business-fundamental consistent: the philosophies I instilled in my children, to learn, grow and love, are the main qualities we hope help teach to your children.

Elena Bigio, Kidscapades Co-Owner



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 161 West Main Street                                                                                           860-552-4754

 Clinton, Ct 06413                                                                                                  kidscapadesllc@gmail.com